Monday, June 22, 2020

Infinity the real story

The Universe reminisced. Its creation was quite lovely. However, some of my creations think they are alone. This is quite strange indeed. 

<The rest is coming soon.

Friday, January 18, 2019

The Beginning   The Universe was just fine, very fine indeed. After awhile the Universe felt creative. It started small at first, a pretty rainbow of colors massed together and some melodies. The Universe felt very pleased with these creations. But, one thing leads to another, as it always does. Let's go bigger and try new things, the Universe thought. As pleasing as this was, something was missing. The Universe decided to created a companion to create alongside her. Now, the Universe was neither female nor male, but for the sake of the story, we shall use the feminine, mother noun. It's as good as any.
   Who am I, you may ask? Just one of the Universe's creations telling the story of how it all began.
   The companion, the Universe created, was just like the creator and why not? The creator used it's own self to create the companion. So, what could make the companion different? Yes, the Universe thought, I shall give my companion complete autonomy. This way my friend can be her own self, more or less. Together, the two friends went on an artistic spree. Oh what fun they had! Eventually there were many, many more friends and many more places for the new friends to create. The Universe felt so fulfilled.
   Then, something happened that the Universe didn't expect. A dark patch in the fabric of creation appeared. Upon further inspection the Universe discovered that not every creation was beautiful or filled with light. In fact, some of the friends forgot where they were from. They forgot that they could be happy and have dream filled worlds of wonder. They created illusions of separation where they had to do things to get things. They believed that problems existed and solutions were difficult or non existent. This confused the Universe. Why would they choose to feel bad when it isn't necessary at all? Some friends reached the darkest of worlds and finally sought the light because they felt they had nothing left. Some, just disappeared into the abyss. This made the Universe sad. However, as things tend to do, the cycle eventually spiraled back on to itself and everything started anew.
   The Universe decided that the next time she would be careful with her new first friend. But, again, she gave her new friend free will because that was less lonely. And again, the spiral began. But, the Universe realized, slowly and gradually, the spiral began to brighten with each cycle. The Universe, sighed and felt satisfied. She realized that, in the end, we will all find our way back. When that happens, it will be a very beautiful Universe indeed. So, the Universe decided to carry on and take comfort that the light will brighten and grow as long as she creates and does not remain complacent.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


I am picking up this blog again because I need to. I get ideas, dreams and...yes...voices impressing wonderful information onto me. No, I'm not crazy. I mean there are tons of books out there from people who hear things from beyond themselves. Regardless, I feel the need to unload as inspiration hits.

Here is the latest:
You cannot bypass the system. You can understand how it works. You can have faith in it. For example, there are biological systems that correspond withe with mental and emotional states. You cannot force biology with drugs and supplements to do what you can do naturally. Dietary needs are obviously important but they are not the end all. Drugs are like wearing a mask. Until you change the source, nothing will be permanent or truly genuine. Illness is the manifestation of inner problems. Clear the inner discord and heal the illness. No matter what, never feel guilty or depressed over it all, just understand how it is and accept the Universe's love and be free.

Time is the test of faith. What you see is what you created long ago. For true vision, let go of all the rules society has ingrained into you. Follow your heart. The part of you that is connected to the Universe knows. for it is driven by unconditional love.

You must forgive the world and yourself. These grievances are anchors to something unreal. Otherwise, you can never truly be free.

Always remember, never pray for what you want. Doing this tells the Universe that you don't have it. Instead, thank the Universe for having received it. By doing so you are acknowledging the gift of miracle.
Visualize the desire as if you already had it. Feel how it feels to have it. Make it a virtual reality experience in your mind's eye.

Be ever thankful every day. Your desires  are your inheritance from God. Remember that you will meet what you put out so keep living and loving unconditionally for all.

Take care and see you next time. 🏡🗿


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A walk in the moonlight.

Walking at night in the moonlight is just one of the things I love to do. It is a wonderful time to reflect, relax and just exist. This is a special ambiance of existence that defies time. It allows the mind to ponder and soak in the Earth's true nature. Without the influx of everyday deadlines, needs and work, you can truly let go. It is important to disconnect every now and then. If we don't, we forget who and why we are. At the very least, we lose contact with our inner self. The true self who is cognizant of our authenticity.  So, take some time out of your life and take a walk on the quiet side where the moon lights your path while the world sleeps.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Wormhole Adventures: The Dickens You Say

The latest Wormhole Adventures book is out now. In this book, the children meet Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens shares many interesting facts about his life and books. They learn more about Barnaby and Dickens' other ravens. Dickens had a great affection for his pets, especially his ravens. Charles Dickens left a great legacy of literature. His tales of struggle and ultimate triumph stand the test of time. The human frailties and emotions within his tales haven't changed over the years. The human condition will always be challenged. That is one thing that will never change. Through Dickens stories we can follow along one individual's path to enlightenment. Join Barnaby the raven and his three young friends as they discover a new and fascinating world.