Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Seeing things in a different light

I was listening to an employee talking in the break room where I work by day. He was young, maybe 21 or so. He was a nice looking when he smiled. The problem was, he rarely smiled. As such, he was not so good looking. It amazes me how someone's looks can change so dramatically by their facial expression. I don't mean he looked mean when he frowned. I mean he truly looked frightful in a surly sort of way. Yet, this same man looked quite attractive when he smiled. I noticed that people looked at him differently when he smiled. It was like a new person walked into the room. On this day, however, smiling was the last thing on his mind. He managed to complain about a whole gamut of hates and things he despises from work to life in general. He accused the company of willful slavery and undermining his usual happy self. We rarely see the latter so I assume the company was winning this one. He raged on about how his pay was paltry to how they simply don't care about their subjugated employees. If one didn't know better they would think this fellow was in a jail doing hard labor. With no escape possible, the inmate would begrudgingly execute the tasks assigned to him as he fumed inwardly. He had lost himself. He was the prison guard who locked himself up. He refused to see any joy no matter how small. To him life was out to get him and the company was behind it all. It never occurred to him that he could find a different job. Maybe one that wouldn't enslave his very soul. It was apparent that finding a better way was not an option for him. He was dependent on his rants and raves. They were his security blanket. Without it he would have to stand on his own merits. If that would happen he would surely fall short. He couldn't take that chance. Its too bad, though. In a parallel world he is a handsome young man full of hope, friends and joy.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The book is now available

Amazon is showing a link to my book. The book can be ordered through Publish America and Amazon now. I am in the marketing, book signing and general promotional stage right now. One thing about writers, they can write about anyone or anything but tend to have trouble writing about themselves. Alas, it must be done.
I love to read. This gives me some sense of satisfaction in knowing I did my part by contributing to the wealth of books available for all the happy readers out there. The book has its audience as all books do. It isn't a "mass appeal" type of book. Is there really such a book? It is geared to younger readers and those who admire Einstein and time traveling stories. I firmly believe children are capable of learning so much more than they are given credit for. So many books skim over information because it is considered too difficult for young readers. Children have amazing minds, it is our responsibility to see that our next generation is given the education they deserve.