Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The "Best of Blog" day

I've been writing for some time now. I felt the moment had arrived that I did a "best of" entry. It is a day to reminisce and commemorate the archives of this blog and blogs I've linked to. They get lost in the shuffle of daily life and newcomers may have missed them. Without further adieu I shall commence with my first citation. It was in February of 2008 when I came across the beautiful, artistic keyboards. They were pricey but exquisite, aesthetic creations. Here's a link to that entry
The last winter solstice left an icy glaze over my part of the country. The type of weather that is both beautiful and frightful all at the same time. This was my take on it.
Over a year ago, I wrote a passage about myself. I rarely like to talk about myself. I've always felt a bit "different". It's taken me a long time to realize that "normal" is a subjective word. It is all about perception. Here is the entry I wrote about me, at least the me I was then. Everyday, I redefine who I am. That's the way life is, always evolving and flowing.
My last memorialized entry for now is about the subject of time and parallel worlds. Many people will find this essay a bit daunting. But, if you're inclined to the wonderment of physics and time travel you might find it thought provoking. If not, then skip this one. It isn't academic and certainly less cerebral than one might read in a college book. No, my brief take on the subject was more philosophical. That reminds me of a (lame) joke. "what does a philosophy graduate say on his first day on the job?" "Do you want fries with that?"

Monday, September 29, 2008

Banned Books Week

This is banned books week. Let's pay tribute to all the banned books throughout history this week. Here's a comprehensive list of the latest banned books.
Why do some people want to decide what other people read? Sure, there are dangerous books out there like "how to make a bomb for fun and revenge" (not sure if that exists or not) but why do those "in charge" feel threatened? Does the truth hurt? Are they afraid that someone might believe a lie? Do they not know the difference between fiction and non-fiction? These and many other questions wait to be answered, as if they actually could be answered. One thing for sure, banned books tend to get a boost in readership. So, in effect, banning them only gets the opposite effect. People don't like to be told what to do. They want to believe that they actually have the freedom of choice. Go ahead, ban my book, I dare you. Let's promote the freedom to read and write!

Books and things

The Tri-State Book Expo in Evansville, Indiana this past weekend is over and now on to new things. I met many other interesting authors and enjoyed myself. I had hoped that the local media would have covered it better, though. Had I known, I would have done more promoting myself. I bought more books than I sold, but its all about exposure, contacts and the like. In the photo with the three authors, I'm the one on the left. The middle author is B.B. Walters and then Bernice Camp. It is from the Book Expo. That's what I was doing instead of going to the National Book Expo in D. C. I'm now listed on the USA Book News site. I was chosen to be promoted and received an honorable mention from them. I am working on several projects at this time and finding that my time must be micro managed in order to do all the things I want to do. I guess that's better than having nothing to do at all.
Meanwhile, back at the farm (DC book expo), the National Book Expo was alive with action. Alas, I was doing my part in the midwest and missed it all. Good news, however, as I have pictures. They held the "big book festival" outdoors amidst pending rain. My sources tell me that it went off without a hitch and was great fun. Rain here and there did not dampen the spirit of the occasion. I have photos of the dark clouds hanging over the Washington Mall and Neil Gaiman (famed Fantasy author and graphic novelist) signing books.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The birth of Superman

Today is the official launch of The Siegel & Shuster Society, with a celebrity charity auction that'll raise money to preserve the home of Jerry Siegel, creator of Superman. When you go to Brad Meltzer's charitable website www.OrdinaryPeopleChangeTheWorld.com, you can:

* bid online for original Superman and comic book art and items by top writers and artists

* buy a Siegel & Shuster Society t-shirt (designed by the legendary graphic designer Chip Kidd)

* or just donate to the good cause.

History is very important. It tells us who we are and where we came from. It shows us where we're going. Political and social history is not the only significant aspect of civilization. Civilization consists of ordinary people. Ordinary people combined make up civilization as we know it. It is the citizens who matter. They elect, live, work, create and follow. Collectively, we citizens of this planet pollute, clean and use the Earth's resources. Any individual who contributes to society in a way which helps individuals make through the day is significant. We must support the artisans who aren't always considered distinguished in cultural circles. The common comic book artist who gives the average kid an escape from his daily trials with peers and school must have his day. Superman is just one of the many heroes and characters who supported many a child and young adult. Support the historic homes of their creators. Support the historical comic books, newspaper dailies and books which holds the foundation of hopes and dreams. The hopes and dreams of everyday people.