Friday, August 10, 2012

From beyond

I've been busy finishing the edits on my latest book, vacationing and working. I've been catching up on the original Doctor Who shows from my youth. (I have all 26 seasons and specials) while I wait for series 7. The Sci Fi/Horror Convention in Louisville, KY was a lot of fun. I met the fifth Doctor and many other celebrities. I am a fan of sci fi, silly humor and most things geeky. I also love the, literature, music... I hope to have my European vacation before too long. I watched Craig Ferguson's week in Scotland, which was interesting. He traveled by Tardis from the States, since he is a Doctor Who fan. I bet he wished he could actually have done that.
  So, I'm checking in with the cyber world as I toil away on my (top secret) projects and finish my current ones. Now I must return to the dimension of time and space where reality is a bit askew.