Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Wormhole Adventures: The Dickens You Say

The latest Wormhole Adventures book is out now. In this book, the children meet Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens shares many interesting facts about his life and books. They learn more about Barnaby and Dickens' other ravens. Dickens had a great affection for his pets, especially his ravens. Charles Dickens left a great legacy of literature. His tales of struggle and ultimate triumph stand the test of time. The human frailties and emotions within his tales haven't changed over the years. The human condition will always be challenged. That is one thing that will never change. Through Dickens stories we can follow along one individual's path to enlightenment. Join Barnaby the raven and his three young friends as they discover a new and fascinating world.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Children need ideas as well as food.

The world is a busy place full of busy people. I am no exception. Yet, I must take time out to let you know that my second installment in The Wormhole Adventures is out. The Wormhole Adventures is a children's chapter book series. It is intended to weave factual information into an adventure in order to educate and entertain. I've been told by parents who truly understand how young kids learn that they dislike children's books that talk down to their kids. I raised my children as if they were capable of learning anything. I never once treated them as if they couldn't understand. I refused to baby talk to them when they were babies. I read them stories that were considered too advanced. Kids have an innate learning ability. It is hard wired into their brains. I don't know too many older people who can learn an entire language in two years. Our educational system fails our children by teaching them as if they weren't smart. The Montessori schools are excellent, however. They understand how kids learn and teach visually and above their age level. My son went to Montessori at the age of three. He was there for three years. He came out with the knowledge to count to a thousand, read simple books, recognize classic masterpieces, play chess, set a table, and so much more. Today he is 16 and scored 100% on his math level II SATs, has been offered full scholarships, won state level chess awards and was offered to skip two grades at the age of 12. He is very happy and loves to learn. I always shared in his excitement  of learning. He loves video games too. So, he is very well rounded. I firmly believe that children just need to be exposed to information in order to learn it. If you're teaching them how to count to 10 over and over again, that's what they'll learn. If you just read simple picture books to them, then they will be at that level. Just because you don't think they understand doesn't mean they don't. Just watch very young children and you will see that they are experts at observation and mimicry. They learn by watching and tend to do very well at repeating processes they see.
   My books will offer higher level information in an elementary school format. There are some parents that believe some of the information is too complicated for younger children. However, I've never met a kid who says this. They will usually store any information they don't understand for later. Eventually, through further reading or exposure to similar knowledge they will put the pieces together. I've seen this over and over again.
     Naturally, there are kids who have trouble learning. Even they should be exposed to information in any way they can absorb it. Even if they are slow at learning due to behavioral issues, that shouldn't stop you from reading to them or buying educational videos. All children need to learn about the world they live in. Some kids may learn better by going on activities or doing experiments. Information is the greatest gift you can give your child. So, if you want to raise smart kids, who love to learn, give them the knowledge they need and desire. You won't regret it, I promise.