Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cluttered Walls and random minds.

     I was looking at my son's room the other day. I guess I was in a retrospective mood. I realized that every inch of wall space was utilized. His walls were completely covered with posters, clocks, a mirror and his own artwork. My grown daughter had her own cluttered walls when she lived at home. I realized that the walls seemed to correlate to the types of people they are. They are thinkers. They like to read. They like to discuss matters of importance rather than gossip. I confess, alas, that I am the same way. My children are still their own, unique selves. We don't always agree on the same things. However, we do enjoy a deep, mind bending subject. I wonder, if only to myself, if a cluttered wall somehow correlates to a strong, intelligent personality? I've noticed that the mark of a great mind is usually paved by clutter. Clutter is vastly different than a trashy space. What I mean by clutter is the type of space filled with enigmas, art and books. Art can be anything from a movie poster to a Van Gogh reproduction. This is a space which accommodates visually pleasing and diverse eye candy. An area to write, read, listen to music or watch a great documentary. A mind that craves knowledge usually can't hold it all in. It spills out among its living space.
     I marvel at the home with vacant walls. I am aghast at the home with nary a book. I cannot fathom a home that lacks music. Conversely, those same inhabitants would probably be taken aback by my choice of surroundings. I wonder if those with bare walls tend to be followers rather than one who beats his own drum? I do know of a home like this. The inhabitants do tend to follow what is popular. They do not like books and tend to follow the status quo. They are quite "normal" by society's terms. At the same time, these types of people do not leave behind great art or words of wisdom. They cannot quote an obscure movie and list mind blowing books. They fall on extreme sides from being too gullible or too pessimistic. I also believe that they live more stressful lives. It isn't easy being normal. Society will tell you a completely different story. I do believe society lies. From my point of view, the more stressed out people are those trying to be normal.  
     On the other hand, those unique individuals who do not care who they please or don't please tend to be more laid back. They just live their passions. They understand that life is nothing but a medley of diverging paths. They do not stroke against the tide of diversity. No, they flow right along and marvel at each experience to the fullest. They delight in a great new read or work of art. They relish music in a way that only they can understand. To this end, I celebrate the chaos of the cluttered home. I laud the potpourri of wonders corralled into the four walls we call home.

Below: Author Rudyard Kipling's home
Rudyard Kipling, author.

Below: William Buckley, author and commentator:
William Buckley, author and commentator.