Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Finishing touches

Tap tap tapping on the keyboard, carefully plotting, finishing.. My book completed, fine-tuned and polished, I tapped once again for good measure. I reformatted my manuscript so it will be prepared for reading by the right people who have the right connections. Sure, I've had the wrong people with no connections read it. They responded with glowing remarks and asked for more. They "got it" and assured me that I had what it took to create a best selling book. As an added bonus, they weren't even related to me. They were random readers who fit into the niche of those who love a good allegory or fantasy type story. Those who owned bookshelves full of offbeat novels, Sci Fi and intellectual genres made for the offbeat, intelligent reader. They even belonged to offbeat clubs and subscribed to weird periodicals. There are aficionados for all interests. Those who love Star Wars, scrap booking, Star Trek, Science Fiction in general, Quantum Physics and the list goes on to infinity. We are all vibrational beings tuned into specific pursuits and special interests. There are those who seek and those who offer....some do both.
My latest book is about a specific type of bird with a specific type of personality. He is intelligent and always seeking enlightenment. Original...maybe not the idea in general but the story as a whole...why yes it is.
The book I am beginning is about an abandoned child raised by an unusual sort of individuals. It is a cross between a Tim Burton movie and a humorous take on the family.
I've also written two youth chapter books. It stars a certain bird (not the same one). He travels into other dimensions with a group of kids.
I've copyrighted them just to make them real to me. I know there is a reader out there who just might like my stories. I think I shall persevere. People need me...and so do I.


Jennifer said...

I'd be a writer but its too much work. I admire anyone who can finish a story.

PMR said...

Finishing a story is the easy part. Getting someone to turn it into a real book, now there's the part to admire.