Friday, February 8, 2008

Keyboards: Avant- garde

I stumbled upon the best keyboards I've yet to see. For a writer, they're nostalgic. For a computer tech, they're really cool. For an artist, they're masterpieces in metal. They remind me of a cross between an old time typewriter and an H.P. Lovecraft work. To keep them in the leagues of the true artistic creations they are, these keyboards are not for the low funded individual. Put it this way, if you have to ask... Are they worth it? Probably. There's always something that sets a person apart from the rest. If I had one of these keyboards, I wouldn't keep it tucked away in my keyboard drawer. It would have to be sitting on my beautiful new desk for all to see. I mean, I couldn't exactly put once on my old computer desk. I would have to shell out the money for a dark, carved wooden desk worthy of such a keyboard. Now, why don't they make computers that look like this? Hmmmm, I'll get right on that.
Oh wait...check out their Steampunk Laptop. It defies description.


janice said...

I absolutely have got to have one of these!!1

Tera said...

It gives me an idea. I could make one myself out of paper mache.OK maybe it wouldn't look as good.