Friday, June 13, 2008

NY Architect builds cryptic apartment

An Architect in NY city, armed with money and a great imagination, turns his apartment into the ultimate puzzle box. Starting with an ingenious idea, Eric Clough designed his 4,200 square foot Park Avenue apartment with puzzling nooks and crannies, all clues to his secret treasure. It took his family months to unravel its secrets. As an added bonus, the finished home is visually pleasing as well. The smooth dark wood is etched with wonderful designs and hardware.
Can you imagine a large house made this way? I would put in plenty of secret passageways, which by the way, a company does just that. There are so many ingenious ideas which can be incorporated into the perfect, creative and unusual homes. It's wonderful when someone with the needed financial backing creates such a home. Unique living quarters full of art, design, nuances and the like. I am reminded of the Winchester mystery home where the occupant never stopped adding rooms, dead end hallways and marvelous stairways to nothing. Here's to creativity in all its marvelous forms.

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Brenda said...

I would love to have a place like that!