Friday, February 20, 2009

Prophecy or Parady?

Plato has returned from the dead to write an article for the Sun (UK's version of the National Enquirer) Plato wrote about Atlantis and now that evidence is popping up, he's decided to say, "I told you so." Well, maybe not, but he would if he could.
Actually, the photo that people are saying looks like an ancient city on the ocean floor was taking by Google Oceans, a segment of Google Earth. Google insists that it is not archaeological ruins but rather scan lines used in obtaining its computer imagery. Sure, go ahead and rain on Plato's parade. The site is in the same area that Plato insisted the ancient city of Atlantis once existed. Coincidence? You decide. What are the odds that this mysterious grid shows up right in the same spot that Atlantis was supposed to be? Even Edgar Cayce, the famous sleeping prophet, spoke of Atlantis. Maybe, Google Earth will finally photograph Big Foot. It really is too bad that Plato isn't around to give his insight on the matter. I, for one, believe that Atlantis existed. I mean, how can you explain the pyramids in South America, Egypt and the mounds in North America? The Earth's evolution has come a long way. Who's to say how many times it evolved, only to return to its beginnings and start anew. Well, it gives scientists something to research and speculate. Just think, someday our own civilization will be ancient history. Even with written records, time has a way of turning many things into myths. Given enough time, life as we know it could end up being one big conspiracy theory.

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