Thursday, October 1, 2009

Should some books be removed from libraries?

This is a question that has circulated for as long as I can remember. Here is a link to a well thought out response to this question.
A woman strongly opposes a book which is shelved in the children's section of the library. It deals with gay marriage. The response covers all bases of the woman's concerns. I have to agree that if you do not like a subject, it does not mean it should be removed. Should we homogenize our books stores and libraries? I understand that adult information should be kept from children. I mean who wants our children exposed to x rated material? Common sense should prevail when categorizing such material. The subject matter at the center of this particular complaint covers gay marriage which, like it or not, is part of today's society. If a child is removed from such controversial realities, is it a good idea? The child will grow up totally ignorant of such things. When they become independent adults they are in for quite a shock. If the mother strongly disagrees (or agrees) with something, then discuss the topic with the child instead of hiding it. Give the child intelligent facts on the subject. This way the child is equipped with valuable information in order to deal with the world. Otherwise, the child will eventually go out in the world totally unprepared to deal with life's nuances.


Ben said...

Leave a kid unexposed to all controversial material then the kid will grow up exclaiming, WTF?!! when exposed to the formerly hidden offenses. Major psychotherapy may ensue or possibly a fire and brimstone minister.

Jen said...

Keep the kids away from the internet!

B.B. Walter said...

Children need to be treated as adults would be. If we expect our children to have a grasp on the world as it is, then we must present the world as it is. I'm not saying we have to start letting them watch Cinemax night-time programming, but controversial topics can (and have been) successfully written for children for ages. Look at the Bible, for pete's sakes...An overall violent document, however, the Bible has been edited and creatively rearranged so as to negate the violent aspects and promote the peace and harmony without losing the definitive point of the whole story.
I have to agree with Ben. If we keep our kids in bubbles, I'd hate to see what happens once the bubble bursts. Having one's world suddenly turned upside down can only have traumatic results.

pmrussell said...

BB, I agree completely!