Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Artists Unite!

An artist is asking for help.
This artist is being sued by a manufacturer. The manufacturer is seeking to overturn the artist's copyrights. They want the artist's original designs all for themselves. This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Those with big money recognize an idea, concept or cool product that will make them more money. They know that if they drag the creator through the legal process they can eventually bankrupt the artist and win the money making art all for themselves. Art comes in all forms, be it paintings, designs, the written word, architectural, etc There comes a time when someone has to stop the Walmarts, marketers, etc from stealing from the creative individuals. It would seem simple enough for the manufacturer to simply license the design from its creator. The manufacturer, however, doesn't want any part of the artist. They don't want a future where the artist might actually ask for more money. They don't want to deal with the middle man. The bottom line is that they are greedy and will stop at nothing to corner the market on whatever it is that they think is a money magnet. Creative people must do whatever is in their power to change the laws that allow such a practice. There is the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund which was created in order to help graphic novelists and comic book artists protect themselves in a court of law. It does a brisk business helping the creators of some very fine work. Every area of creativity is at risk from Big Money and needs like minded individuals to band together in order to retain the wonderful art with its creators. Copyrights, trademarks and patents do not necessarily protect an artist. Patents expire and there are numerous loop holes in the laws. You can spread the word and let the world know that the little guys are the ones with the creative ideas. Corporations do not posses the creative mind. They must be held up to a higher standard.

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Ben said...

Some corporations are evil like that. We must be very careful where we spend our money.