Friday, July 30, 2010

Choosing Easy World

Choosing Easy World: A Guide to Opting Out of Struggle and Strife and Living in the Amazing Realm Where Everything is Easy
The new book, Choosing Easy World by Julia Rogers Hamrick, is about a mindset which people can use to change their world. Ms. Hamrick is a spiritual writer and contributes on the  forum affiliated with the popular "Secret" site . Her latest book outlines the steps needed for people to change the way they think about life. The book also incorporates individual true stories which illustrates how the concept works in reality. I am one of the contributors to this compilation. Since I learned how to change the way I look at my life, my life has changed for the better. It is more than just positive thinking. It is a way of life. It encompasses the thoughts and feelings of ease and optimism. At the same time, when you see things in a new light you become more inspired. Inspiration will lead to inspired action. The book assists individuals in turning their lives around from the inside out. Quantum physicists have known for some time that all atoms consist of energy. This energy is part of the fabric of life. We are all made from it. This includes our thoughts. If we see it all as a living entity, we can understand more clearly how it all connects together. Our life reflects our mind set. For example, it is commonly known that negative people have more health problems. This is why physicians will ask people if they have any worries or issues when diagnosing a health matter. Ulcers, colitis,hypertension are just a few of the health issues which are directly connected to negativity and depression. Choosing Easy World lets the reader understand that life doesn't have to be so hard. We really do have a choice, no matter how bleak things seem. It takes time to allow yourself to really believe that life can be easy, but once you do things start to change.


Jen said...

I can tell you one thing for sure,I'm a negative thinker and my life tends to reflect that. I guess I need to try something different.What do I have to lose? Oh yeah, a life that isn't great. Here's to dreams coming true!

pmrussell said...

Since I've decided to take control of my life instead of watching it pass me by, everything has changed for the better. Good luck!