Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The new age in reading.

I've taken a hiatus from here due to extensive writing elsewhere. I am still busy, which is a good thing. Recently, the media is saying quite a bit about millionaire e-book authors. They make it sound so easy and mysterious. Amanda Hocking is a young writer who has happened to become very successful writing e-books. She makes it clear that it wasn't easy but a lot of time and hard work went into her writing. She isn't the only success story. These self-made millionaires are the exception and not the rule. One of the main reasons is that not everyone can write a compelling story that millions want to read. Also, some authors do not successfully promote their work. There is a fine line between promotion and spamming. You don't want to be annoying. You do want to let people know where your work is and how they can obtain it. They need to know something about you and why your books are worth reading. The e-book industry is booming. My book is selling 3 to 1 on the kindle vs. paper. I have a major novel making the rounds. It deserves only the best. However, the sequel to my children's book will become an ebook. I've already written it. I have a DTP account with Amazon. The rest is just a matter of fine tuning and submitting it. I would prefer it to be in a paper form too. Yet, putting it as an e-book does have its advantages. I will, of course, have to acquire a nook publishing account as well. This is a new age of publishing. Getting your work read can be easier than ever before. You must be able to write well and keep the reader's attention. Beyond that, the sky's the limit.

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I know I love my kindle.