Thursday, March 1, 2012

A New Chapter

I've just come from the aether where thoughts, writing and ideas take over. I've been seriously writing, editing and creating. Sometimes a person needs to dive into many projects all at once. The inspiration kept tugging at me until it finally engulfed my very being. I have been driven to finish long forgotten projects and start new ones. Anyone who has ever had a passion about something understands what I'm talking about. Its like the outside world disappears and all that you see is your object of desire. You can no longer function until you release all of your creative energy into your obsession. I feel free and clear now that I've allowed myself a sabbatical. I'm ready to face the literary world head on. I truly believe that there is a "soul agent/ publisher" out there for me. I am fortunate that my first book continues to sell well. I've always known that there was a market for truly educational children's books. So many of these types of books gloss over information and sometimes even misinform. My second book in the Wormhole series is complete. I need to find a new publisher for a myriad of reasons and shall leave no stone unturned. My Allegory novel is complete as well. It is like a weight has lifted off my shoulders.
So here's to following the road of inspiration in all its glorious forms.

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