Saturday, March 8, 2008


The flagging economic indicators demonstrate that recessionary pressures seem to be at play. What this means is that the middle class is being squeezed between a lower mean income and the rising costs of living expenses. This is not a political issue but rather a personal one which millions of families face on a daily basis. When families are doing all they can just to live, the forgotten children suffer. Their earning potential as an adult is inhibited because they lack the funds to go to college. Many of these kids live in poverty and face abuse and neglect. Every child deserves the opportunity to go to college. Many of them fall between the cracks because they believe they are incapable to succeed. There are many scholarship opportunities for low income children. The problem is that many of them have become "labeled" by the school system. As such, they are not given the hope or means needed to explore their educational options. These kids are hidden behind the labels and pushed aside. All kids learn differently. Some kids learn visually where others are able to comprehend facts through mathematics or reading. The visual students are more likely to be labeled as "learning disabled". There have been many strides in the teaching platforms today. However, too many schools have fallen into the same old academic structures. They promote kids who cannot read above a third grade level and in some cases, not at all.
Hope and self confidence needs to be restored in these kids. They are the future adults and deserve to see the spark within themselves. Parents need to be educated as well. They need to be aware of their child's potential. If they don't believe in their kids who will? Studies have shown that college graduates make more money than those without a degree. It is a combination of the specialized training received along with the fact that graduates have a higher level of self confidence.
Always talk to kids as if they are smart because they all possess an inner potential which tends to be overlooked by many adults.


Jared said...

I agree whole heartedly!

betty said...

What about the kids whose families make too much money for help but not enough to pay for an education?

Joshua said...

There are scholarships available to all kids who make good grades. That's why its important to help your kids do well in school.