Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Follow your dream NOW! While you still can.

Writer, Terry Pratchett was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last December. He has written books for adults, young adults and children. His fantasy novels, collaborations and art work combined make up a very impressive library. His UK interview reveals a poignant and bittersweet look into his world of forgetfulness and diminishing creativity. It is unimaginable to understand how it feels to see your, once brilliant mind, slowly slipping into the abyss of dementia. This website covers all of the books and art in which he has contributed over his lifetime.
Pratchett said in his interview,
"Regrettably one of the best swords for killing demons like this is made of gold - lots of gold.
These days we call it funding. I believe the D-day battle on Alzheimer’s will be engaged shortly and a lot of things I’ve heard from experts, not always formally, strengthen that belief."
Let's hope he is right. Alzheimer's research doesn't just rescue old farts from being lost in their own mind. There are highly creative, contributing adults who are being diagnosed daily. Is it in your future? I certainly hope not. However, it could be in your loved ones future. Who knows? Support the Alzheimer walks and charities as well as the Alzheimer sufferers.
I had a great aunt who had been diagnosed with it. She was an articulate, intelligent woman who watched her mind slowly degrade. In one of her lucid moments, she stated emphatically that she did not want to live out her last days in a nursing home oblivious to the world. Little did we know that she and her husband, who was suffering from advanced heart disease actually intended to avoid such a fate. One chilly fall morning we received a call that they had both passed away. Her husband, in his own words, "mercifully" took her life and then his own. It seemed such a sad way to go, but then again, the only other options they had was slow and painful. I'm not one to judge what is right. I'm just making the observation. So, learn about the disease and support the sufferers.
Do, create, write, read, travel, talk and live!....Who knows what tomorrow brings. Learn from the past and live for today. Today is what you dreamed about yesterday. So, live the dream you envisioned long ago.


Brenda said...

My grandmother has the disease. Its so awful, especially since she was always such a lively person before.

Aaron said...

I love the Discworld series by Pratchett. It isn't fair that he has to end up like this.