Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Writer's tributes to Scary Tales

Last year the Weekend America site decided to honor Halloween by soliciting professional authors to write a short, very short, tale of terror. I am revisiting this since Halloween is just around the corner. The audio of the stories may not be available but you can still read them.
30 Second Tales of Terror (by famous writers no less)

Only someone with an over active imagination can tell a 30 second scary story. So, for Halloween, read the petite tales in a darkened room with only the monitor's light for comfort.

Here's my contribution to really short scary stories:
It was a dark and stormy night as Mr. Collinsworth signed and concluded his will. He thought he heard the floor squeak but decided it was his over active imagination. Suddenly a quick and decisive blow to the head ended
Mr. Collinsworth's life prematurely.
When I arrived at the Estate the next morning I felt a cold chill run down my spine. This was the room my unsuspecting Uncle had drew his last breath. There were still spots of blood on his desk. The butler was being interrogated by the police as I walked about the gloomy study. Just then a blood curdling scream came from the kitchen where the maid was found lying in a pool of blood. I ran back to the study only to find the, now murdered, butler lying limply across a divan. Being terrified by the sudden deaths, I began to panic. The detective told me, as I stood shaking in my shoes, that the maid and butler had been listed in the will my Uncle had just completed. The only other names listed were me and a long lost cousin! I had been studying my shoes in order to avoid the detective's insinuating glare. To my shock, when I looked up, no one was there. Where had the detective gone? For that matter where is everyone else? They had just been here. I could hear the floor squeak behind me and I ran to the now locked front door. I turned in a panic only to see the crazed face of my long lost cousin, Broderick!


Brenda said...

oooohhh, I'm scared. I loved the stories.

Anonymous said...

here's the 2nd annual 30 second tales of terror that aired today: