Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resolutions and stuff

I had a very nice Christmas with family. We also car shopped and helped our daughter get a new one. She ran into a deer, on her birthday. She was driving from Bloomington Indiana with her son, where she lives, to our house in Evansville. The deer totaled her car and she has been car-less for several weeks.
My 11 year old son's best friend in school lost his 20year old brother on Christmas day. My son had just spent the night at their house four weeks ago. It was very tragic. The boy was driving his family home Christmas evening and a drunk driver, fleeing the police, plowed into him. The guy was speeding on the wrong side of the road with his lights off at night. It was on the same stretch of road we had just traveled that evening. He was killed instantly. His mother was hospitalized and had hip surgery from the accident. His other brother and sister had minor injuries. There was also a baby in the car. The drunk driver had 6 previous DUI's and, due to an error, had a valid license. The county clerk failed to file his lifetime suspension with the BMV. We had to go to the visitation last evening. The line was all the way out of the building. The mother was allowed to leave the hospital to be at the visitation and funeral. What do you say to someone who lost a son? Over the years I've been to two other similar situations and it is never easy. People take the whole drinking and driving thing way to lightly. I've seen friends over the years who drive because they think they are ok. In this situation, the guy was way over the legal limit. What would posses someone to flee the police? Things like this really make me appreciate what I have.
Here's to a wonderful new year full of happy surprises and good times!

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Betty said...

Have a great new year. It's so awful about the tragedy. It makes me want to join MADD or something.