Monday, January 5, 2009

Looking in

Getting back into my usual routines seems a bit constrained. Having time off during the holidays is hectic and nice all at the same time. I'll be back into the groove by the middle of the week, I'm sure.
I will be having a book signing in Terre Haute, Indiana, though I don't have the date yet. I'm wanting to get through February. Last year we had some bad ice storms in February. If you look back at this blog, you can see that they were very beautiful ice storms too. Still, I do not wish to drive on ice covered streets. Last year they melted off the streets quickly allowing me to drive around and take pictures of the ice covered trees.
I am currently polishing up my first book, which I haven't sent out yet. It is an allegory, written for all ages. It is the novel that got me started writing many years ago. I have put quite a bit of heart and soul into this novel. I am quite proud of it and intend to find my "soul agent" out there who sees the world in a different way. One that follows the beat of their own drum, even if only they can hear it. Meanwhile, my current book is still being read. I've had some great feedback on it from children and parents. I've written the sequel to it, but like the other book, I'm still polishing it up. Here's to our real life adventures, may they all be fascinating and wonderful.

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Jen said...

I can't wait to see your next book. I loved the Wormhole Adventures!