Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Write a Screenplay

If you've ever felt the desire to write a screenplay and don't know where to start, check this out.
This site has listed many screenplays which can be viewed and picked apart in order to study the screenplay writing process. It can be very useful to the new screenplay writer. There is a market for screenplays and you can actually turn your own book or story into one, just in case. Here's another great screenplay site. You key in the elements and it does the rest.
If poetry is your thing, here's a site that helps with that process.
If you want more help for poetry, here is a site that gives a list of words that can be used in a poem, then puts it altogether. Here's an interesting poem generator that just needs the first line to create a rhyme. We're all in this together and every little bit helps.

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James said...

I would like to write a screenplay someday. I'll check out the site.