Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm off to NYC, the city that never sleeps, or, as the song says "a city so nice, they named it twice." Having been there many times, I marvel at how such a small geographic area can fit over 8 million people without sinking. Nonetheless, it does, and does so quite nicely. I intend to hit Broadway. There are several plays that look interesting. Rock Of Ages is full of 80's rock, how can you go wrong there? 39 Steps is a mystery and The Philanthropist seems like it might be amusing. On Tuesday I shall be in the audience at the David Letterman show. Those tickets were free (right up my alley) but I had to answer a trivia question to get them. I lucked out when I knew who Rupert the deli guy next door to the show was. My brother, who is a musician, has invited us to be at his "live recording" concert his band is having. I love the MET and the Museum of Natural History. It would be even better if the Night At The Museum was real and the exhibits came to life. Regardless, it is a fine museum in its own right. Central Park is all abloom. I've seen NYC late at night and won't tarnish its lovely reputation by going into the unique ambiance of a NYC subway station in the wee hours of the morning. (Its not for the faint of heart) Everyone should have an adventure like that before they die, assuming it in itself doesn't kill you. I shall return in a week and a half to continue life where I left off. In the meantime, keep reading, writing and doing whatever it is you love to do.

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