Thursday, May 14, 2009

When there's no one else to talk to, talk to yourself.

Then, write it down. This advice came from a commercially successful writer. He writes fantasy type stories. He was alone. He had no family, none at all. He had no friends, not really. Readers and fans showed up later. His advice was strange and borderline schizophrenic. Being weird actually paid off, for him. I won't go into which successful author he was because it might take away from his advice. A person might say that it has to be good. Well, yes it does. The thing is, what is good to one isn't necessarily good to another. You have to find your market. If you can get your work out there, then, your market will find you. Remember, someone was paid for those cartoons you read. What on Earth will you do with a bunch of random thoughts. You can stow them away somewhere. Then, someday, once you're gone, someone can find them. Then, they can assemble the writings and make them into a book. Then, this individual can profit from your life's work. Nothing wrong with that. At least someone is able to benefit from you having been born. And, hey, if you have no living relatives, then who cares. right? Then again, why not benefit from your over worked brain yourself? Why not piece together your writings, artwork, or some other creative outlet yourself? Benefit from your own life. Don't leave it for someone else to do it. Don't think about what your talent is. Just do something. Eventually you'll know what it is you enjoy doing. Do it without any particular goal in mind. Then, someday, when you're bored and sitting around staring out the window you can get all that creative stuff out. Piece it together and post it online, find a publisher, sell it yourself...and, if you're lucky, you can be successful. Success to one isn't necessarily success to another. And, here we go again.

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Bill said...

I guess if you are goal oriented or not, you still have thought and ideas. Its probably a good idea to preserve them for whatever its worth.