Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our world

We build our world from the inside out. Everything we see, interact with and what we believe makes up our world. We decide what it is we want to be. But first we must decide who we are. You can choose to believe what others say you are or you can believe what you want (be it good or bad). I hear people say "I'm bad at math" or "I'm an excellent cook" or "I'm thin/fat", etc. The bottom line is, you tend to be exactly what you believe yourself to be. Now you can say, "I'm just looking at reality." Reality to one person may not be reality to another. For example, when it snows, one person can see the beauty in the white landscape. Another person will only see the slippery streets which can be dangerous to drive on. Its the same reality to both persons.
There have been studies conducted that show people who think more positively are happier than those who think more negatively. On the surface, that makes sense. However, when another study was conducted, it showed that positive thinkers were actually having better "luck" than the negative thinkers. In effect, they were creating their reality from the inside out. Cancer patients with longer survival rates are the ones who are taught positive visualizations and meditation.
The recent HBO movie Temple Grandin is an excellent example of people making up their own minds about what is real and what isn't. Temple is autistic. Because her educated mother refused to follow the doctor's advice and institutionalize her, Temple received an education. Temple is now a grown woman with a doctorate. She now speaks on behalf of autism issues. She is also an animal behaviorist. Because Temple was educated, she learned not to accept the world's vision of her. She saw events as a door which she could open. Society tends to close doors to those with autism and learning disabilities. Temple teaches that everyone learns differently and as such everyone needs to be taught differently. Temple Grandin has several books that should be checked out. Also, here is a video.
Today's schools attempt to teach every child in the same way. As a result, some kids are left on the sidelines.
What does all this tell us? First, it shows that it is up to each individual to decide who they want to be. Second, it shows us that once we decide, we must not stray from our vision. If you want to succeed, you must realize that you do indeed create your reality from the inside out. If you have a disability, you must look beyond it. You can use it as a tool to greater things or move on to a higher purpose. It truly is up to each person. For good or bad we are all on this planet trying to live our lives. No one greater than the other.
So, are you a writer, doctor, speaker, etc? Are you more than one thing? It is up to you. Circumstances can either stop you or be overcome. They can help you or hinder you. It is up to you.


Betty said...

I agree within reason. We really do make our own lives by the way we think. Yet, a handicap is still a handicap no matter what. We just have to look beyond it.

Jen said...

I know from experience that our life is a reflection of our beliefs. I've seen it time and time again. No, a handicap only has the strength you give. Ever hear of miraculous cures? They have been documented. Usually they happen to people that believe in miracles.