Thursday, March 18, 2010


I've observed many things throughout my life. One thing, more than most, is that human beings are competitive. I don't necessarily mean in a business sense either. Sure, that is one area that involves competition and is necessary. However, I've noticed that if you break down the art of gossip, (it is an art) you see the fundamentals of competitiveness at its basic form. Usually, gossip consists of discussing what is wrong or negative about someone else, though not always. At the heart of these negative observations and/or opinions is competition. Many people either have underlying feelings of inferiority or superiority, take your pick. They want to come out on top of the heap. They do not want their lifestyles analyzed but have no problem analyzing some one else. I can honestly say that I have been drawn into such conversations. In the past I would just nod my head and agree rather than start an argument. Then I went through the stage of standing up for what I believed. I would defend the person or cause being accused by asking what proof the accuser had. I can say one thing for sure, that was a waste of time. People will believe what they want and no amount of facts can change this. Just look at the last election for proof of this. I always said, "don't sell your soul" to anyone just to avoid an argument. The fact is, some people love to argue. I have finally come to the conclusion that its ok to live and let live. Of course, you should obviously not be passive to abuse or overt injustices that are harmful. Just, pick you battles carefully. Words are words and can only hurt you if you allow them to. If you know that you are doing your very best and not hurting anyone, that's all you can do. It doesn't matter what anyone else may think. This takes me back to the subject of competition. It has been discovered that the most successful people were those who did what they loved to do. They followed their passions without regard to what other people did. They succeeded, not because they were better, but because they did their best. There are so many talented, passionate people out there. The ones that stand out are those who focus on their craft rather than what their "competition" was doing. That weeds out the negative, self defeating energy and leaves them with the beautiful talent which gave birth to their ideas in the first place. There's always someone with more ______________(fill in the blank) but not someone better at being you! Everyone has a story. So focus on your passions and see the beauty in everyday life!


Benjamin said...

I agree! I'm sick of people talking bad about others behind their backs. They would do better to find a hobby.

Jen said...

That IS their hobby. ;)