Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Imagine a library

Here's a link to another place where there is a contest going on. Laurie King wants you to imagine what your "perfect" library would look like. What would it contain (besides books)? I've seen many a beautiful library and know exactly what I would like. The contest is for a "public library" but I have my personal library already planned out. It would have dark cherry walls which meet midway with deep red fabric walls. The shelves would be very classical and massive. The obligatory ladder on wheels would allow the reader to access the higher shelves There would be comfortable velvet seating with gorgeous stained glass lamps. The ambiance would be welcoming and soothing. It would have carved wood tables with matching chairs. There may be a tapestry hanging, depicting some medieval scene. My library would be a combination of Victorian, renaissance and classical styles. Of course, being in the 21st century, it would also contain modern technology. Wi-Fi and and an mp3 player with a sound system would allow me to play background music at my discretion. Since it is obvious that I love books, creating an imaginary library is an easy thing for me to do. Alas, the next thing to do is to create a real one.

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Jen said...

oooh, I want a library with paintings of angels and clouds on the ceiling, like those old mansions.