Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The "Best of Blog" day

I've been writing for some time now. I felt the moment had arrived that I did a "best of" entry. It is a day to reminisce and commemorate the archives of this blog and blogs I've linked to. They get lost in the shuffle of daily life and newcomers may have missed them. Without further adieu I shall commence with my first citation. It was in February of 2008 when I came across the beautiful, artistic keyboards. They were pricey but exquisite, aesthetic creations. Here's a link to that entry
The last winter solstice left an icy glaze over my part of the country. The type of weather that is both beautiful and frightful all at the same time. This was my take on it.
Over a year ago, I wrote a passage about myself. I rarely like to talk about myself. I've always felt a bit "different". It's taken me a long time to realize that "normal" is a subjective word. It is all about perception. Here is the entry I wrote about me, at least the me I was then. Everyday, I redefine who I am. That's the way life is, always evolving and flowing.
My last memorialized entry for now is about the subject of time and parallel worlds. Many people will find this essay a bit daunting. But, if you're inclined to the wonderment of physics and time travel you might find it thought provoking. If not, then skip this one. It isn't academic and certainly less cerebral than one might read in a college book. No, my brief take on the subject was more philosophical. That reminds me of a (lame) joke. "what does a philosophy graduate say on his first day on the job?" "Do you want fries with that?"


Takesha said...

Heck, that's what just about any college graduate says on their first day of work.

Paula said...

I love those keyboards, I must have one!

Sam said...

I hope we don't have a bad winter this year. Last year I slid my car into a ditch. Uggg